What some of Ronald’s clients have said…


“Ron, I think you are doing a very good job.  The other people I have referred to you agree with me too.” PS


“You have done a great job for my wife and me.” TS


“Helped me through the process very well in fall of 2013.  Now will guide my wife through same in fall 2014.” DP


“Our experience has been that you are very accessible and responsive, you put us at ease and made complex process very   understandable.  Thanks from me and B.” KM


“GREAT!! I have recommended you to several good friends in   Houston area who will be turning 65.  FS is a dear friend and will be contacting you soon.” FJ


Got me going with cost effective plan, all smooth since then.” WH


We’ve enjoyed your service.” JD


“You’ve always been there when I’ve needed you. For which I am grateful.” CC


“[my insurance] is a miracle.  Have had surgeries, transfusions and ambulance rides.  Almost no charge.  Insurance was a God send.  Am ok now.  You did Good!! Keep it up.  Thanks!” DZ