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Dental Insurance

Medicare doesn’t cover dental services if they don’t consider them a medical necessity. Because of that, most seniors are looking for the best plan options with Medicare to get covered for dental services. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or looking to purchase Medicare Advantage, you may get dental insurance included in your plan. However, if you are only on Original Medicare and have a Medicare Supplement plan to cover out-of-pocket expenses left by Part A and Part B, your only option is to purchase a stand-alone dental insurance plan or dental, vision, and hearing plan (all in one) to get covered. If you are looking for proper dental coverage, Turning 65 Solutions may help you choose a plan that best suits your budget and needs.

Dental Plans Options

People on Medicare have a few different options when it comes to purchasing plans that cover dental services. Those options are:

  • Dental, vision, and hearing plans: these are the most popular plans among Medicare beneficiaries because they include three major things that Original Medicare typically doesn’t cover. Plans benefits include no network restrictions, and there are usually no waiting periods for preventive and basic dental services, you can choose individual or family plans, and everyone from age 18-85 are eligible.  Monthly premiums can be as low as 37$ a month or can go up to 64$ a month. That depends on which type of coverage you would like to choose. Vision coverage that is included provides benefits like eye exams, eye refractions, eyeglasses, or lenses cost. The waiting period for eyeglasses or lenses may be up to 6 months. Hearing coverage includes hearing aids, exams, and necessary repairs or supplies. The waiting period for hearing aids may be up to 6 months
  • Stand-alone dental insurance plans: these plans are usually an HMO or PPO standalone plans, with them you can also choose a level of coverage you want, from preventative and basic to major coverage, but be careful to choose an insurance company that includes your preferred network of dentists in their plans. With HMO dental plans you will usually have a lower monthly premium but you need to stay in the network to get coverage, whilst with PPO plans beneficiaries can go out-of-network, but with higher monthly costs
  • Medicare Advantage plans: most Medicare Advantage plans include dental benefits as part of their coverage.  But these benefits often include a small amount of coverage, so you should check what is actually offered to you before enrolling in Medicare Advantage. If you are not satisfied with the number of benefits and cost, but already have an MA plan you can talk with your provider about what your options are, and even purchase a stand-alone dental insurance plan to get more benefits.


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Dental Plans Insurance Coverage

A stand-alone dental insurance plans provide the widest range of coverage for their beneficiaries. If you don’t think that you will ever need vision or hearing insurance you may purchase a dental insurance plan only. However, dental vision and hearing plans all in one are good options for those beneficiaries who would like to have all three major services covered without purchasing three separate stand-alone insurance plans. Dental insurance plans overall provide three types of coverage:

  • preventive services: include semi-annual exams, cleanings, and x-rays
  • basic services: includes fillings, x-rays, and extractions
  • major services:  includes bridges, crowns, full or partial dentures, full, mouth extractions, and root canals

Most. individual or family dental vision and hearing plans don’t have network restrictions, and no waiting periods for preventative and basic services, which is very important for beneficiaries. For example, if you have a cavity you would like to treat it right away. There are also no waiting periods for tooth extractions and fillings. Among other benefits those plans also come with:

  • easy online application
  • can be used immediately
  • affordable, with premiums as low as 37$ a month
  • no underwritting or health questions- everyone will be approved
  • automatically renewable till age 85
  • policy year maximum benefit up to 1500$ a year 

Other costs for dental insurance plans can include deductibles and coinsurance. Those costs depend on the plan you choose and the provider you choose it from. 

Learn More About Dental Insurance Plans

Just because there’s no Medicare dental coverage doesn’t mean you have to abstain. You can purchase senior dental insurance today at an affordable price, and use it tomorrow. It is always a good idea to have dental insurance. Good oral health is very important in maintaining your overall health, so choosing a good dental plan may be crucial. This plan is offered in many states. Call Turning 65 Solutions at 830-313-5173 for more information!