Dental Insurance

Many folks who are turning 65 inquire about Medicare dental coverage. Unfortunately, Original Medicare does not cover dentures for seniors, nor does it cover routine dental exams. 

However, there’s an affordable dental insurance option available to you. Many of our clients have reaped the benefits of this plan right from the beginning. The benefits also grow over time. Plus, the plan is easy to apply for, and it requires no health questions.

Dental Insurance Without Network Restrictions

This easy dental insurance plan has no network restrictions, which means you can choose your own dentist. If you don’t have a preferred dental provider, you can use the plan at any provider’s office. This plan provides instant coverage for basic and preventive services, so you get dental insurance without having to wait for these services. For this reason, we believe it’s the best dental insurance option for seniors.

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Individual Dental Insurance Features

This individual dental insurance for seniors comes with great benefits:

  • Easy online application
  • It can be used immediately
  • Access to family dental plans
  • Pick your own providers – no networks!
  • Available for enrollment at ages 18 – 85
  • Affordable dental plans as low as $31-$45/month
  • No underwriting or health questions – you will be approved
  • No waiting periods for basic or preventative dental services
  • Guaranteed renewable to age 85 – policy auto-renews annually
  • Up to $1,500 per year in coverage – many other plans cover only $1000/year!

We tend to get many questions about dental insurance with no waiting periods. Cavities, for example, can occur any time, and people usually want to treat them right away. This dental plan is popular because you do not have any waiting periods for preventative care. There is also no waiting period for tooth extractions and fillings.

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Just because there’s no Medicare dental coverage doesn’t mean you have to abstain. You can purchase senior dental insurance today at an affordable price, and use it tomorrow. This plan is offered in many states. Call Turning 65 Solutions at 830-217-6711 for more information!