Hearing Insurance

As we age, our hearing can start to deteriorate. Having a regular hearing exam can help you identify problems. When you experience a loss of hearing, we want to help with hearing aid coverage because Medicare itself does not cover them. Hearing aids can be expensive for seniors on Medicare.

Hearing Insurance Benefits

Fortunately, we can help you access the best hearing insurance plan for your situation. If you need a basic hearing exam, it will be covered immediately. The plans also cover hearing aids and necessary supplies or repairs.  

The available insurance policy also features a 30-day right to return. The insurance company will issue a full refund if you are unhappy.

Learn More About Hearing Insurance Plans

Just because there’s no Medicare hearing aid coverage doesn’t mean you have to abstain. You can purchase senior hearing insurance today at an affordable price, and use it right away. This plan is offered in many states. Call Turning 65 Solutions at 830-217-6711 for more information! 

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