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Does Medicare Cover CPAP Machines?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP, machines help individuals breathe while they sleep. They’re incredibly important devices that can prevent snoring and make sure that individuals continue to breathe throughout the night. CPAP machines are often recommended for those with obstructive sleep apnea. This condition means that the patient may stop breathing while they’re sleeping. It occurs when the localized muscles block airflow. 

Sleep apnea can be dangerous if you don’t find the right solution for your situation, so CPAP machines are incredibly helpful. If you have Medicare, then you’re probably wondering whether or not your policy will cover a CPAP machine. Let’s dive into that and discuss your coverage options with Medicare.

Part B Coverage

One main area of coverage for Part B includes coverage for durable medical equipment. This category covers things such as diabetes supplies and CPAP machines. However, there are some specifics about CPAP coverage that you should be aware of.

In order to get coverage for a CPAP machine, you will need to have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. In most cases, Medicare will pay for a trial period in which you can try out the device and see if it’s something that you would like to continue using in the future. Once this trial period is over, you will need to have your doctor agree that the device can be used for longer and makes the most sense for your medical situation.

It’s very important that the place you get the CPAP machine from, as well as your doctor, all accept Medicare. If they don’t, then your coverage won’t work and you’ll most likely have to pay for the entirety of the costs out-of-pocket.

Even if you are able to get long-term CPAP coverage, you’ll still need to pay for 20% of the cost out-of-pocket once you’ve reached your deductible amount. If this sounds like it could be financially overwhelming, there is an option which can reduce this amount. Enrolling in Medigap policy could save you money.


Medigap is a separate insurance policy that reduces the amount you owe when it comes to Medicare costs. If you choose a policy that includes this certain area, you may be able to pay less for your Medicare Part B costs. Choosing the right Medigap policy for your medical situation is incredibly important and a big decision to make. If you’re curious about learning more about your options, make an appointment to speak with an insurance agent. They’ll be able to provide you with current information and make sure that you have the resources you need to make the best choice for your situation.

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