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How Do Medicare Supplements Work in 2021?

Medicare supplements eliminate out-of-pocket costs. Here we will look into how Original Medicare works without a supplement plan, what a Medicare supplement does, and the options you have when working with us.

Why Get a Supplement Plan?

This comes down to personal preference, and you may forgo a supplement plan because you are satisfied with what you currently have, and do not want to have anything else. For others, though, a Medicare Supplement Plan can be a lifesaver.

You first need to enroll in Original Medicare before you can get a supplement plan. Original Medicare is broken down into two parts – A and B. Part A covers hospital costs and Part B covers outpatient services.

Medicare by itself covers 80%, leaving you to pay the remaining 20% out-of-pocket.

Medicare supplements cover that 20% so you don’t have out-of-pocket costs.

How Do the Supplements Work?

Medicare Supplement Plans are not like regular insurance plans. They only work if your Medicare policy agrees to pay for a service. They eliminate costs that would otherwise be left up to you. These costs include deductibles, excess charges, coinsurance, copayments, and more. There are ten plans, ranging from Medicare Supplement Plans A-N (Plans E, H, I, and J not included because they’re no longer sold). Each Medicare Supplement Plan has its range of services it covers. For example, Plans A and B provide the most basic coverage. Plans C and F are the only plans to cover the Part B deductible. While Plan F is the most comprehensive plan option, there are other alternatives available, such as Plans G and N.  

Medicare pays first, followed by your Medicare supplement. The insurance company cannot refuse to let your supplement plan cover the remaining charges.

What We Do with Medicare Supplements

There is a window of opportunity to join a Medicare Supplement Plan where you won’t have to answer any health questions before enrolling. This is a six-month window that begins as soon as you have Part A and Part B coverage and are 65. After that, you will be subject to health questions prior to obtaining a policy. The health questions could be a detrimental blow to your ability to sign up because, at this point, companies can refuse to assign you a policy.

When we work with you, we check to see which company has the best service at the lowest price. And for your future and Medicare supplement coverage, we’ve got that covered too. At Turning 65 Solutions, we’ve got Medicare down to a tee, and if you’re in that stage where you’re first eligible for Medicare, call (830) 217-6711 or visit us as soon as you can. It’s the best way to get lower prices without the chance of getting turned down when trying to get a Medicare supplement. You can also email us at

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