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If I Have VA Benefits, Do I Need Medicare?

Understanding Medicare coverage

Medicare coverage is intended primarily for those ages 65 and older.  Its coverage extends to many of the typical medical costs that can arise during retirement.  Enrolling in Medicare is an excellent way to save money and ensure that you have access to the healthcare you need.  Many wonder about their VA benefits and if they’ll have to give them up once they enroll in Medicare.  To answer this question, one must look more fully at the structure of Medicare and how its coverage is established.

Understanding Medicare can be complicated.  There are a lot of different options, and it can be difficult to sort through them.  One thing that can make Medicare coverage seem even more overwhelming is if you have another health insurance policy.  Understanding how Medicare works with other policies can vary, but there are a few key things that are important to know.

Medicare and VA benefits

If you have VA benefits, know that enrolling in Medicare doesn’t mean you have to give them up.  You can be enrolled in both of these policies simultaneously, which is the choice that many make.

Because Medicare and VA benefits typically work at different types of facilities, this health insurance combination is an effective option.  If you’re going to be seeking care at a VA-approved facility, then you’ll have the health insurance required to do so.  However, if you are going elsewhere for your healthcare, then you can select a provider that takes your Medicare policy.  Having both of these options gives you flexibility and increased options when it comes to selecting providers.

If you’re wondering what this health insurance combination could mean for you, it’s important to research and find out more about your particular situation.  Health insurance is something that’s incredibly specific, so understanding your specific policy is key in being able to save as much money as possible while using your insurance to its full extent.

Why choose both policy options?

There are many reasons why individuals choose both VA benefits and Medicare coverage.  One of the primary reasons is because VA benefits aren’t always permanent.  If you were to lose your VA benefits in the future, then it would be incredibly helpful to be able to use your Medicare coverage.

One of the most helpful parts of insurance is that it gives you options.  Who you receive care from, as well as how much you pay for that care, is directly related to your health insurance coverage.  Being enrolled in multiple health insurance policies increases the options you have, giving you more flexibility and the possibility of saving more money.

If you’re wondering whether Medicare and VA benefits are right for you, let us know.  At Turning 65 Solutions, we’re here to answer questions and ensure that our clients have all the information they need.  Making insurance decisions can be stressful, so let us simplify the process for you.

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