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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement is a huge step that can bring financial challenges. While you may not be getting a steady paycheck anymore, there are ways to convert your savings into retirement income that can last your whole life. You deserve to be enjoying your retirement and not stressing about the future.

Retiring Well Requires Careful Planning

Today, retirement planning is more valuable than ever. Pension plans are disappearing, healthcare costs are rising, and Social Security benefits may change. You feel responsible for funding your retirement income, but trying to do it alone can be taxing.

Everybody has different notions about what they need for retirement. Talking to a financial planner is the quickest, most effective way to figure out what’s best for you. At Turning 65 Solutions, we help make retirement easy and clear for our clients in Texas and beyond.

Where Will Your Retirement Income Come From?

Your cash flow for retirement will likely be a mix of Social Security, personal savings, workplace retirement accounts, and other sources, like:

  • 401(k)s
  • Annuities
  • A pension
  • Home equity
  • An inheritance
  • A part-time job

If you understand how much you need to retire and where your retirement income will come from, it can help you plan better.

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More on Annuities

Insurance companies can issue an investment product called an annuity, which gives you guaranteed recurring payments in exchange for your initial investment. Think of annuities as you making a loan to the life insurance carrier. You give them a fixed amount of money and they reimburse you over time in portions with interest.

Retirement Income Planning at Turning 65 Solutions

It can be challenging to understand and organize your retirement income sources. But it becomes much easier with our help. Let a trusted financial planner like Turning 65 Solutions assist you with retirement planning and find potential streams of income. Whether you live in Texas or another state, call 830-217-6711 to see how we can help.