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What COVID-19 Costs Does Medicare Cover?


Throughout the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world.  It’s forced healthcare professionals to find new solutions and respond to challenging situations in innovative ways.  One of the ways that COVID has changed the healthcare landscape is through insurance.

Insurance is something that’s constantly changing and evolving, in order to provide beneficiaries with the most accurate and useful coverage.  Medicare is known for its ability to adapt and willingness to change.  Each year, Medicare evaluates its policies so that beneficiaries have access to the services they need the most.  Let’s go over what COVID-19 costs Medicare covers.


Medicare does cover costs for COVID-19 testing.  This means that beneficiaries can be tested at a wide variety of sites and they do not need to have their primary care provider validate their need for a test.  This is extremely important, as it eliminates a step and ensures that beneficiaries have access to the testing they need to protect both themselves and their community.  Testing for COVID-19 is included within Medicare Part B.

If you’re wondering whether or not to get tested for COVID-19, know that there are many local places across the country that are conducting efficient testing.  Medicare has made provisions so that its beneficiaries don’t have to worry about costs if they need to get tested.  It’s always better to get tested and know how to proceed than to hesitate and risk transmission.


Some individuals will be hospitalized because of COVID-19.  In that situation, typical Medicare hospitalization coverage will apply.  There is no distinction or differentiation because of the virus, so beneficiaries will have access to the same coverage that they would in any other situation.  

Using inpatient coverage can save beneficiaries thousands of dollars.  A hospital stay can be extremely expensive, so Medicare ensures that fact doesn’t block individuals from getting the care they need.  Within Medicare Part A, hospital admittance costs will increase with the duration of the stay. 


Beneficiaries should keep their deductibles in mind, as that will factor into how much they pay for certain services.  Some may neglect their deductible and fail to account for it when adding up prices.  Beneficiaries will need to pay their entire deductible amount out-of-pocket before their health plan coverage will begin, so make sure you’re prepared for this possibility when thinking about potential costs.


If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are wondering what would happen if you were in the future, know that your Medicare policy is there to protect you from heightened medical bills.  If you’re wondering how to best use your coverage, give us a call.  We can walk you through your policy and ensure that you’re using its coverage to the full extent.  We’re here to collaborate with you, answering your questions, and helping you make difficult decisions.  Don’t wait to give us a call and make an appointment today to speak with one of our insurance professionals.

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