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Will Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare covers a diverse set of procedures and services so you can get the care you need. Part A helps save on inpatient costs, with coinsurance being free for the first 60 days of your hospital stay after you meet your $1,484 deductible. Part B covers 80% of your outpatient treatments as well as durable medical equipment. Medicare Advantage has benefits of both, plus additional coverage and a built-in prescription drug plan in some cases. Part D covers prescriptions.

With hearing aids being medical devices, it would make sense for Part B to take care of it. Unfortunately, Original Medicare doesn’t cover it, but you still have options.

Why doesn’t Original Medicare cover hearing aids?

Medicare covers treatments, emergency transportation, preventive services, and medical devices as long as Medicare defines the treatment or service as medically necessary. While hearing aids are medical devices, Medicare Part B does not cover them because they do not meet this definition.

What can I do?

You have a few choices. You can get hearing aids with no insurance at all, but that can cost thousands of dollars. 

Or, you can enroll in a form of Medicare that can include hearing aid coverage so that you don’t have to pay full price or enroll in a separate insurance plan. This is Medicare Advantage.

What makes Medicare Advantage different?

Hearing aid coverage is part of what makes Medicare Advantage distinct from Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage is only available through private insurers, and to enroll, you must first be enrolled in Original Medicare. 

The purpose of Medicare Advantage is to give beneficiaries all of Original Medicare’s benefits plus coverage for services that Original Medicare doesn’t provide. Medicare Advantage’s other unique coverage features include vision and dental services.

Aside from Initial Enrollment, you can also join Medicare Advantage during the Annual Enrollment Period, which is from October 15 to December 7. Your coverage will then start on January 1 of the following year.

What should I know about Medicare Advantage beforehand?

Medicare Advantage offers its coverage under these conditions:

  • You cannot get a Medicare Supplement plan in addition to Medicare Advantage.
  • Some Medicare Advantage plans require you to stay within their provider network to get coverage. 
  • You will only save on hearing aids if you get services from certain providers in your area.

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