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VA Benefits and Medicare

Can Veterans with VA Benefits Have Medicare?

Veteran’s Benefits are offered to people who have served in active duty for at least 24 months of continuous service and were released under normal conditions, i.e., other conditions apart from a dishonorable discharge.  

Enrolling in Medicare

It is possible for veterans to enroll for Medicare if they have turned 65. Veterans can have the two health plans even though they do not work together, but alongside each other. 


VA benefits offer some benefits not covered under Medicare, such as long-term nursing care and dental coverage. Veterans can also receive coverage if they visit a VA facility or have received prior authorization to receive care at a non-VA facility. Medicare coverage can help if you are taken to a non-VA facility during an emergency. 

Also, it is better to enroll for Medicare Part B during the Initial Enrollment Period. If you later decide to change your mind, you may have to pay the late enrollment penalty. However, Medicare does not provide coverage if you receive care at a VA facility. VA benefits will also not provide coverage if you receive care at a Medicare or non-VA approved facility. The two plans do not overlap. Having the two plans may give you a wide range of healthcare options. 

This means you can receive care at both Medicare-approved and VA-approved hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare locations. Veterans can also get prescription drugs that are not covered by VA benefits if they enrolled in a Part D prescription drug plan. Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer some additional services that are not offered by VA benefits. 

In summary, veterans can have both VA benefits and Medicare. However, the two systems work independently. 

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