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How Do I Know If Medicare Advantage is Right For Me?

Medicare is provided by the United States government and is primarily intended for seniors.  While some can qualify before 65 based on disability, the majority of the coverage is aimed towards those in retirement.  Enrolling in Medicare is a big decision, but is one that can save thousands of dollars each year.

Medicare is organized in an effective way that allows for beneficiaries to distinguish their coverage and pick the policies that will work best for them.  Medicare does this by dividing its coverage into four different parts.

What is Medicare Advantage?

Part C of Medicare, or Medicare Advantage, is an alternative to Original Medicare.  Compared to its counterpart, it offers substantially more coverage options.  With these coverage options comes the ability for beneficiaries to select the areas of coverage they wish to be included within their policy.

Areas of coverage that can be included within Medicare Advantage include (but not limited to) dental, vision, and hearing.  These areas are not included within Original Medicare, so beneficiaries that want these areas will need to enroll in Part C.

Network coverage

Some Part C plans typically require beneficiaries to receive care within a given provider network.  This opens the possibility of beneficiaries saving money by using these in-network providers rather than going out-of-network.  Being able to have network coverage is an excellent way to get care while ensuring that they’re covered within your policy.

Some plans will allow you to receive care outside of the network, but keep in mind that you will be paying more to do so.

Should I enroll in Medicare Advantage?

Choosing Part C is a decision that many make because it allows them to expand their coverage beyond what Original Medicare would have provided.  If you’re interested in a Medicare policy that can provide you with extra coverage like dental, vision, hearing, prescriptions, or even fitness memberships, a Medicare Advantage plan might be something to consider.

How much a Part C policy costs will depend primarily on how much coverage it provides.  Location can also be a distinguishing factor when it comes to how much a policy costs.  However, choosing a policy that’s within your budget is important.  As with all insurance policies, Medicare Advantage requires that beneficiaries pay certain amounts of money to keep their policy active, but many policies have a premium that is as low as $0.

Part C enrollment

Part C policies are sold through private insurance companies.  While these companies are independent from Medicare, you must be enrolled in Original Medicare first before you can enroll in Medicare Advantage.

If you’re ready to enroll in Medicare Advantage today, reach out to an insurance agent with Turning 65 Solutions.  We’ll be able to help in the policy selection and will walk you through the enrollment process.

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