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How Do I Know If Part D is Right For Me?

Medicare is divided up into four different parts.  This allows beneficiaries to select the parts that align with their needs.  The first two parts of Medicare are what makes up Original Medicare.  The third part of Medicare, or Part C, allows beneficiaries to build their coverage.  The last part of Medicare, Part D, provides coverage for prescription drugs.

Part D

Part D allows beneficiaries to save money on prescription drugs.  Because coverage for prescription drugs is not offered within Original Medicare, those that have made this enrollment choice are the only ones eligible to enroll in Part D.  If you’re enrolled in Medicare Advantage, you can most likely add prescription drug coverage to your policy, though you will not be eligible to enroll in Part D.


Part D is divided up into different tiers.  This allows beneficiaries to understand the costs of their prescriptions and find a tier that most closely aligns with their prescription drug needs.  Price will increase as the complexity of the medication increases.

If you’re wondering which tier your prescriptions might fall in, consider making an appointment to speak with an insurance agency like us.  We can walk you through your plan’s tier system and can give you recommendations about talking with your doctor and finding a prescription that matches the tier and cost you want to be in.  

It’s important to take your time when making insurance choices so that you know you’re making the right decision and can be confident.  It can be difficult to make changes to Medicare policies, so always make sure you’re making informed decisions when enrolling.  Keep in mind that you can still enroll in Part D, even if you do not have prescriptions to take.

Is Part D the right enrollment choice for you?

Part D is an excellent option for many.  It requires beneficiaries to be enrolled in Original Medicare and provides drug coverage.  While Part D is recommended for most, there are a few that should strongly consider this Medicare option.

If your pharmacy bills have been higher than you’d like recently, it may be time to consider Part D.  Those that regularly take prescription drugs should consider Part D, as it could significantly reduce the amount they pay. 

Part D is intended both for those that are enrolling in coverage as a preventative measure and for those that know they will need the coverage.  If you’re someone that’s looking to reduce their pharmacy bills and spend less on medications, then Part D might be the right option for you.

If you’re still not sure whether or not Part D is right for you, make an appointment to speak with one of our professionals today.  Part D can save you significant amounts of money on your prescriptions, so don’t hesitate to ask the necessary questions and learn what you need to so that you can be confident in your decision.

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