Medicare Fraud: How can you avoid it?

Con artists may try to steal your Medicare Number to access your personal information, possibly steal your identity, and commit Medicare fraud. This leads to higher costs and taxes for everyone.

How to prevent fraud

Protect your identity and your Medicare Number by guarding the information. Keep your Medicare card safe with your credit cards and treat it like one. Guard your Social Security number as well. Also, be wary of phone calls. Medicare will not call to ask for your Medicare number or personal information. Medicare will not enroll you over the phone. They will also not call to sell you anything or visit your home. Before you consider joining a Medicare plan, make sure to educate yourself on what a specific plan can and can’t do. This will keep you informed enough to not fall for over-the-phone schemes.

What you should NOT do

Sometimes, these con artists can seem very convincing. Still, it’s always best to never give out your Medicare card and Number or your Social Security information to anyone you do not know or trust. The only individuals who should have this information are your doctor(s), and anyone you know for sure should have it. Never give out this information online or over the phone, nor should you permit anyone who is not your doctor or Medicare provider to review your records.

Are you a victim of Medicare fraud?

If you suspect suspicious activity but are not sure if you are a victim of Medicare fraud, there are a couple of ways you can confirm if this is accurate:

  • Keep a record of your appointments and any tests you get. 
  • Check for Medicare billing fraud by reviewing your claims and Medicare Summary Notices. Check your receipts and statements from providers for mistakes.

To report anything suspicious, you can call 1-800-MEDICARE. Make sure to have the following information on hand before you make a report:

  • Medicare Number
  • Your Medicare provider’s name
  • The service/item you suspect may be related to fraud and when it was supposedly given
  • The payment amount for the service/item
  • The date listed on the Medicare Summary Notice

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