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Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage for seniors

When Can I Join A Part D Plan?

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you can get prescription drug coverage through the program. Although, how you get these benefits will depend on which type of Medicare plan you are enrolled in. 

For people who have chosen Original Medicare, standalone Part D plans are the way to get prescription drug coverage through Medicare. With Medicare Advantage (Part C), you’ll want to find a plan that already includes prescription drug coverage as an added benefit.

If you are eligible for Medicare or will be soon, you may be wondering how you can get Part D coverage. This is everything you need to know about the process. 

Joining Medicare

Before you can purchase a Part D plan through Medicare, you must have applied for Medicare and enrolled in Original Medicare. This process is easy, but you can get help if you need it. 

To get started with Medicare, simply contact the Social Security Administration and submit an application. You can do this over the phone, online, or in person. If you happen to need guidance when completing this process, please reach out to Turning 65 Solutions. Our knowledgeable insurance agents can help walk you through the application and enrollment process. 

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Many Medicare beneficiaries have medical conditions that require them to take prescription drugs. These drugs can be expensive, especially if they are needed for a long period of time. Medicare offers its members the opportunity to spend less on their medication through Part D prescription drug plans. 

Each Part D plan has its own formulary. The formulary is a list that defines what drugs are covered within any given plan. It also provides details about pricing and other classifications. To learn more about the formulary of Part D plans, get help from an insurance agent.  

When To Join a Part D Plan

According to, you aren’t allowed to join a Part D plan whenever you want. The only way to get Part D coverage is to enroll during one of the set enrollment periods. There are three options to choose from, they are:

  • Initial Enrollment – This is when you first become eligible for Medicare.
  • Annual Enrollment – This period runs from October 15 to December 7 and allows you to join a Part D plan or switch Part D plans.
  • Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment – Between January 1 and March 31, you can switch from a Medicare Advantage Plan to an Original Medicare plan and purchase Part D benefits.

What Is Initial Enrollment?

Many Medicare applicants aren’t familiar with the term “Initial Enrollment Period.” This period is actually an enrollment period that occurs around the time someone becomes eligible for Medicare.

Initial Enrollment starts 3 months before the date that someone would become eligible for Medicare. This would be 3 months before the month they turn 65. This period will last for seven months, giving you the opportunity to enroll in Medicare for the first time.

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